Smart Casual Attire

business casualSmart Casual Attire is dressing in a polished and refined manner that is acceptable for work and business. Smart casual attire has a professional but slightly casual and more comfortable look to it. In essence, that’s what makes it “smart”. It’s more casual than the formal professional, yet still accepted and still looks polished and refined. Plus, there are many more options to a smart casual attire. Including styles and budget, making this a go-to attire for work. In fact, smart casual attire has been adopted in other scenes other than the business fields. Restaurants and night clubs often want a smart casual dress code.

Many people still are confused on how to put a casual smart attire together. It’s never over the top, or  bright colors, bold designs, plunging necklines and skin tight clothing. It’s a classic look that is appropriate for a professional environment but not intimidating.  Smart casual attire includes trousers or slacks, button up shirts, silk blouses, tailored sweaters, jackets or blazers, vests, shoes and belts. If jeans are acceptable, then dark jeans with no designs or embellishments on the pockets.

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind.


This is very important and please remember this, “you don’t have to be rich to look good!”. In fact, please don’t spend a penny more than you have too. The time and thought you put into establishing your personal style will help you make smarter choices about where and how you want to grow your wardrobe. An unlimited budget does not necessarily mean a blessing when it comes to getting dressed. Some people think they look great in a more expensive outfit because they paid a lot for it and they’re wrong. You just have to find room in a tiny budget for a single-big ticket item that you’ll use a lot, something that will make an impact on your look, such as a quality classic jacket or blazer that will last a long time and go with many outfits.


You won’t just automatically look good if clothes look great on the hanger. You cannot consistantly choose styles that don’t suit your body. You must know your body type and what flatters it.  Here are a few things to consider.

  • Look in the mirror and make an honest assessment of your body. Embrace your shape and shop accordingly.
  • Know your assets and it’s smart casual attire not to show them off. If you are big busted, don’t wear plunging necklines or tight tee shirts.
  • Focus on the cuts that you feel good in and look good in, then focus on buying those pieces.
  • Be open to experimenting with new silhouettes and colors. There’s nothing more boring than wearing black pants and a white shirt everyday.


One item that is smart to get is a black suit. First of all, it’s black, the ever- appealing, hide everything hue, you can’t go wrong. Second, it’s sturdy. A well cut, properly fitted jacket retains it’s shape, doesn’t stretch or squeeze and covers common problem areas like arms, stomach, hips and bottom. Last, you can separate the jacket and pant and get several looks. For example, you can wear different colored shirts with the pants alone for an smart casual attire, you can wear the jacket over several other outfits including skirts for another look or you can wear them together as a suit. So a black suit is worth the investment.

Smart Casual Attire Tips

  • Looking conservative and refined doesn’t need to be stuffy and restrictive.
  • You can get creative, but keep it polished. There are plenty of options available.
  • When layering textures and fabrics, keep it in similar shades. You don’t want to be too colorful.
  • Being Smart is keeping everything in moderation, where it is acceptable throughout a wide range of scenes, situations and work environments.
  • Black pants is an essential for men and women. You can get many looks and uses with just changing the shirt or jacket.

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